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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Halloween Paper Dolls

My daughter had a Halloween party too! Since I was in goody bag mode, I volunteered to bring them for her party.  But these were combined as a party craft too. Paper Dolls Dress Up has some darling Halloween costumes. I cut out all the elements and the dolls, then brought them for each child to assemble their own. It was fun to see how they decorated their bags!

 While I was busy cutting out Halloween Paper Dolls, I cut some out that were a little more elaborate, then laminated them so my sweet little girl could enjoy playing with them. She LOVES paper dolls!

I thought I'd add a few cute ideas from the two parties I attended. Look at these amazing chocolate spider webs!
 And this fantastic Halloween fondant cake!
 It was even wired with lights!

Here's three of my four beautiful children! Happy Halloween!

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