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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top 'o the day to you!...

...And a happy St. Patty's day too! I didn't do much by way of preparation for this holiday, but I did make this cute sign to welcome the kids at the breakfast table this morning. Last night we talked about blessings we have vs. feeling "lucky" for family night. I cut out a bunch of 3 leaf clovers to do a game with the kids. With each clover they hang up, they can tell us of a blessing they enjoy.

The kids loved the idea of dressing up in green and are delightfully green from head to toe! (Though, my son has no understanding of how different shades of green don't go together. His shorts are olive green and his shirt is lime green!)

I found a website today that tells some of the tales of Leprechauns. Here's the link! I also discovered the holiday is named after the Catholic Priest Saint Patrick who used the 3 leaf clover to teach about the trinity. Each leaf representing one part of the trinity. I also learned that the Prodistants would wear orange on St. Patrick's day. So, if you see the Irish wearing green and/or orange, you'll know why!

When I worked as a nanny in medschool, I used to take the 4 year old to preschool. I guess they had spent the week telling the children about all the traditions of St. Patricks day. On the moring of the actual holiday, we arrived to see little foot prints on the floor, up the wall, across the ceiling, and down again where they ended in a little doll house. The night before the children had left some cookies for the little leprechaun and when they arrived, they all noticed that the cookes were gone and in their place were some little gold pieces. The kids loved it and the moment was magical! I was hoping to do something like that this year, but time got the best of me. It is definitely on the calendar for next year!

I hope you've not gotten too many pinches today and if you have, then call them LOVE pinches!