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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentines Day

I made this "Be Mine" banner for Valentines decoration with my mom. It's fun to have something up that's pink and lovey-dovey. It hangs over our stairs so it's in a central place in our house. I haven't quite figured out what to do with that space yet, so something short term will keep me tied over till I can figure it out. My mom spiced it up with the sparkle letters, it was fun doing something crafty for v-day! (thanks pinterest for the idea!)

Happy Valentines Day!

(if you have a cricut I used the stretch your imagination cartridge)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Thinking Chair Cake

My nephew is really into Blues Clues right now, so for his 4th birthday he was going to have a blues clues birthday party! I volunteered to do the cake and came up with this idea that was SUPER EASY! I baked a cake in a round cake pan and a bread pan. I then let it cool and cut a few inches off the round cake pan, and cut out a little piece of the bread pan for the seat of the chair and WHA-LA! there you have a big red thinking chair from blues clues. I would have liked to do fondant instead but I was out of time, so this was as fancy as it got.I also went to the store and bought notebooks and we played a little game of blues clues at the party. I made three little paw prints like you see on the cake and put them all over the house to create clues. Because it was in december the clues lead to what was going to happen on the 25th, but you could put clues up on anything! We drew a picture of a snowman, a nativity, and a tree, and little Noah solved the puzzle, it was Christmas!


Here is another amigurumi animal. This is the first of many that will go on the baby mobile. I didn't really have a pattern I just made a ball then I Googled how to make curly cues and attached them to the ball and then glued on little black eyes. Isn't he cute?!