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Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Things to Come

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thanks A Bunch

My daughters and daughter-in-laws and friends know they are welcome to come to my craft room anytime. That is why I have it. It was fun to have my daughter-in-law (and grandsons) come. Here is a card she made for a friend.
She used SEI paper, WIMG for the words. The flowers were cut from the the new Serenade Cart.
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Thank you Flower Card

Here is a thank you card for a special person in my life.
I used a MS punch as the strip under the flower and a Stampin Up boarder punch at the bottom. The flower is made with several different flower cuts, any can be used. There is a link to a tutorial in an earlier post if you are interested in seeing how they are made. The background stamp is from Stampin Up. I used gold ink.

Don't you love this cut? It is from the Calligraphy Collection. I cut it in gold paper. Posted by Picasa


Recently my husband and I went to a place by Escalante, UT called Hole in the Wall. We had some friends drive our jeep down as the 55 mile road was all dirt and rocky. We had a great trip. When we came home they had returned our jeep back to us with a full tank of gas and spotless clean. So I made this "Thanks" card from the jeep saying how much it was needed and how appreciative the owners were too!

The jeep is the bus cut from Doodlecharms and the Thanks is from Walk in My Garden. I used ther Gypsy to weld a shaped card. It is hard to tell but the inside of the wheels, headlights and the back extra wheel is shinny silver paper.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Damask Round Pillow

I haven't posted any of my "crafty" projects for a while, mostly because I have about 15 of them going on- most of them quilts and they usually take a while (you'll see them eventually I promise!) However, I went to the fabric store the other day and there in the clearance isle was this beautiful piece of red damask fabric calling my name saying " buy me I'm only $2.00!! So last night, a little red trim, a round pillow and the drive to actually finish something and this is what I came up with! (p.s. isn't Jeffrey cute!?!)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dahlia Card

Here is another take on the Dahlia fold.  The stem comes from Stretch Your Imagination cart.  I just used the blackout feature, then embossed it with the Cuttlebug.  This is also a tri-fold card, so I used the band around the bottom to hold the sides in. 

I made a few of these, but let me tell you, a lot of love went into them.  I'm definitely being selective about who they go to!

Bathroom mirrors

Okay, this post is not a card post!  But I've been creative lately in a different sort of way.  I've been drooling over this framed mirror tutorial and wanted to give it a try.  So here is the end result!

Sorry about the random roll of toilet paper in the pic.  You see that cute 2 year old in the corner of the mirror?  He's got a love for unrolling fresh new rolls of toilet paper into the toilet. Do you have any idea how much toilet paper costs these days?  Good thing he's cute.

I made this with MDF board.  I don't have a table saw (yet), so I had the guy at Home Depot cut me three strips at 3.5 inches and one at 5 inches wide.  I used my hubby's brand new miter saw that he got for Christmas to cut the lengths right. I also bought some small crown molding. I painted everything then sanded down the edges to give a distressed look.  Then hung it all directly on the mirror with liquid nails.  That's right, not a single nail was used!  The secret is to buy the liquid nails that sets in 15 minutes. Worked gloriously! I plan to paint this bathroom a nice, soft tan color, so I pre-painted the edges before I glued the frame boards on. The cost was $15.

Next I did the master bathroom. I think the fresh new blade made all the difference when I cut these boards. Again, I pre-painted the boards, then distressed them. The cost was about $40 for this one. In the tutorial, she used two different kinds of boards, but I didn't want such a big frame around mine and money was an issue since I was also in the middle of replacing my transmission and overhauling my computer. Ugg. so I picked an A-symmetrical baseboard piece that was a little on the large side. I love how it turned out!


The shower curtain is on its way out and someday I'll be done with baby mode and can take my changing table pad out of my bathroom, but for now, this is currently my favorite room in the house!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Teacher gifts

My son's teacher retired this year and we wanted to give her something special.  Here is what we came up with.  The cart was A Child's Year of course! The frame was a cheapy $5 frame from Wal-Mart and the ribbon I bought at a garage sale for $2.

Here is the gift we gave the Student Aid teacher too.  The kids did a lot during the year with nature and animals.  Every week they had a different animal hosted in their classroom and at the beginning of the year the teacher took them outside into the fields, found a monarch caterpillar, brought it inside and watched it transform into a beautiful butterfly!  The little boy silhouette was just perfect for this memory.