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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Crochet Chevron Blanket Free Pattern

This is my very first pattern, so "bare" with me, and please let me know if you have any questions in the comments! My sister-in-law was having a baby and didn't want to find out the gender, so I crocheted this blanket up until the green stripe and then when we found out it was a boy I spent the entire day adding the green row and finishing the blanket for this cute baby. I just couldn't find a crochet pattern that had stiff points for double crochet, so here it is! FREE! :)

Chevron Crochet Blanket

red heart soft “love” yarn (2 skeins of white, and gray, one skein of green)
hook size i or 5.5mm

DC - double crochet
Cn - chain
dc2tog - double crochet 2 together

Size can vary depending on your need for this blanket. For baby afghan using red heart “love” yarn, I chained 100 to create the navy and orange blanket, and 125 to create the gray and green blanket, for each peak. in the blanket chain 25.

to make sure this blanket turns out right, there needs to be 11 stitches between each peak and valley. In each peak there are 3 stitches, make sure each time you do the 3 stitches, you are doing them in the middle of the 3 stitches from the previous peak and it will end up straight. 

Row 1: Chain 100

Row 2: Skip first 3 chains and do 10 dc (first 3 chains counts as a dc, so there will be 11) then *dc 3 in the next stitch. Then do 11 dc. Skip next two chains. In the next stitch yarn over, put hook in chain and pull yarn through all three loops on your hook.  (I made this stitch up, the Carlie stitch, so hopefully that makes sense! It makes it so the hole isn’t as big in the blanket) Then dc 10 and repeat from * and finish with the last 11 stitches of your row. chain 2

Row 3: turn and skip first stitch then dc in the next. dc2tog once, then do 8 dc in each stitch making sure there are 11 stitches up to the first peak. 3 dc in the next stitch. (3dc should be in the top and middle of the 3 dc from the previous row.) dc 11, skip 2 and then do special (carlie) stitch and dc 11 then repeat from * pattern till the last 11 dc in the row-After you do 3 dc in the same hole dc in the next 8, then dc2tog and end row with two more dc. Chain 2 and turn.

(basically this blanket has dc2tog on either end of the row in the 2nd stitch from edge)

repeat row 3, 4 more times for a total of each color having 7 rows then change color.

border on green and gray blanket is two rounds of double crochet.  in the peaks and valleys do the same thing as the rest of the blanket, skip two in the valleys or add 3 in the peaks.  in the corner, double crochet, chain 2 and double crochet in the same  stitch to make a square corner. 

for the square boarder in navy and orange blanket dc around blanket once, then in the corner, chain 3 up to next row- pattern is to do dc, chain 1, skip next stitch, dc, then repeat all the way around, don’t skip a stitch in the valleys and in the peaks do this pattern of “dc, ch1, dc” twice to keep the peaks and valleys going. 

pattern is main color, white, main color, white, main color, white, accent color, white, main color

Here's a video showing the pattern repeat to help clarify. The "carlie" stitch is also included in the video :)