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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Carlie's Jumper

Carlie made this sweet jumper for my 4-year old daughter. The fabric was a darling autumn corduroy. The only problem is that she was in the middle of moving from one state to another and wasn't able to finish it. So I took it home with me and well, it took me a while too before I got around to it.  In the end I did finish it off and all I had to do was add a little bias tape to the edges!  Then I let the creative streak roll and put a little toole around the bottom (which really made the skirt flair) and made this pretty rose to give it some sparkle.  My daughter LOVES it.  Loves to TWIRL in it. And loves to tell everyone her AUNT CARLIE made it for her!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sooo Many Family Birthday Cards

There have been soooo many birthday in our family. Most seem to come from Sept through March. So here are a few for you to enjoy!
The new Country Life Cart had this cute Sweet Pea that I couldn't resist for one of my daughters birthday cards. One of her nick names is "Sweet Pea". Needless to say she loved the card. I welded it together with my Gypsy.
Here is the inside.
My oldest daughter does everything with such a great flair so I made her birthday card that was all about flourishes. I cut a big "B" for Birthday from Wall Decor and used Flourish paper (SEI), flourish cuts and flourish punches with a silver bow to give it some added detail... remember "it's all in the details"!
So of course the inside says, "You are the flourish in our lives!"
Our youngest son turned 31 this week. He loves the snow and skiing. Last year I made him a cake card and he didn't like it... He will never live that down! Isn't it amazing how ungrateful and blunt kids can be!!! J/K. So this year I knew I would be safe with the ski theme. It was a big hit! This cute bunny and "Snow much fun" is from Winter Frolic Cart.
Here is the inside of the card. I used Birthday Bash for the cut.
My one an only grand daughter turned "5" this year. Grandpa gave her a Unicorn for Christmas last year and she has a hard time putting it down. She is our little princess so I thought she would like this very sparkly whimsical card. The only problem is when we called to wish her a Happy Birthday I realized the card said 4 not 5... dumb grandma. So at Christmas she came and I fixed it... now it says 5!!! I used the Swiss Dots folder on the Unicorn and the MS punch around the blue edge. I also used the sickles glitter glue on each of the swiss dots and pink mane. You really have to see this card in person to enjoy it. The Unicorn is popped and has a sparkly pink Chrystal eye!
Here is the inside. More glitter glue!!!
Little "Roo" turned two and his birthday theme was the ocean. I welded the ocean waves to a rectangle to create the underwater space. I used a lot of Life's A Beach cart.
Here is the inside. It was a whale of a fun time making this card!

My sweet grandson turned two on Jan 13th so this is his birthday card. His birthday theme is trains. The fun Imaginice paper is full of trains and the three car train is popped with button wheels and a monkey falling out the back. I used my gel pens that fit in the Cricut and with the Gypsy I was able to write the words Happy happy Birthday and then change the pen for the blade and cut the flag out using Birthday Bash cart. What did I do before all this technology! Inside it says, "...from me to you, Happy Happy Birthday Carter's turning two!"

Halloween Paper Dolls

My daughter had a Halloween party too! Since I was in goody bag mode, I volunteered to bring them for her party.  But these were combined as a party craft too. Paper Dolls Dress Up has some darling Halloween costumes. I cut out all the elements and the dolls, then brought them for each child to assemble their own. It was fun to see how they decorated their bags!

 While I was busy cutting out Halloween Paper Dolls, I cut some out that were a little more elaborate, then laminated them so my sweet little girl could enjoy playing with them. She LOVES paper dolls!

I thought I'd add a few cute ideas from the two parties I attended. Look at these amazing chocolate spider webs!
 And this fantastic Halloween fondant cake!
 It was even wired with lights!

Here's three of my four beautiful children! Happy Halloween!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Halloween Goody bags

I made these cute goody bags for my son's classroom party. 30 of them!  I used a cuttlebug spiderweb embossing folder to emboss them.  The folder was exactly the right dimensions to fit over the whole brown bag.  This gave me a continuous spiderweb design all the way around the bag.

The spider comes from Paper Dolls Dress Up cart.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bunch of Flowers

These sunshine warm colors just made me feel like a vase full of flowers! Maybe making this card in the fall was my soul wishing the summertime would linger a little longer. All these cards are part of the card bundle I made for my son's teacher. I purposefully tried to make them "theme free" so they could be used for just about any occasion.

 This vase and flowers cut is found in the Celebrations cart. It seems almost hidden in that cart since I never think of flowers when I look at that cart.  I always think candles, balloons, presents, and party hats, so when I saw this, I just fell in love. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Assorted Fun Cards

I feels so badly I have been so busy with the holidays that I have not posted in such a long time. I have been busy card making however! Below are some of the cards - enjoy!
A small card, simple using the holiday embossing folder with a gold bell from Christmas Noel cart. I used some fun glitter paper and cut it 6 times and it still didn't want to detatch! Glad I got a deep cutter for Christmas! It will come in really handy when I go to cut glitter paper...
I just love those Cuddlekids animals. So I made a bunch the other day and created this simple baby card. The "for baby" stamp is from SU.
A friend of mine lost his mother so I mailed this card. In the obituary it talked about how "sweet" she was so I thought I would add that to the card as a reminder.
This is one of my first tries at these folded accordion pleat circles. They are easy to make, but getting them to stick was the biggest trick. It seemed everything I used the silly thing would pop back open! So finally I used some heavy duty glue, put a whole bunch on and set a heavy object on top for the night - that finally did the trick! The circle cut is from Wild Card Cart.
Here is the inside - I embossed and used the SU stamp and the Swiss Dots folder.
I just got this fun MS punch and wanted to show case it. The flowers in the inside are SU stamp I cut around and popped. The windows were a little tricky - had to get out my exact o knife, but it was worth the work. With the punches you have to cut a certain size for the corners to match, so this card is a 5x7 finished.
Here is the cute SU stamp in the inside.

Some Christmas Gifts

Last year and again this year - since it seemed to be a big hit,
my friend, Lauren and I make cards to give as gifts primarily to our
"mothers". Below are the ones we made.
A fun and easy birthday card!
Used some embossing folders and designed the squares in my Gypsy and Mini Monograms.
Don't you just LOVE this SEI paper! Hope you can see how beautiful it is!
I created this car in my Gypsy and Graphically Speaking. I wanted it to fit in a A2 envelope so I fattened it up a bit. I added the grill using the shiny silver paper. Fun "chrome"!
Here is the inside. Fun male card...
Always looking for that easy classy male card. Hope you can see the embossing details. We took some sand paper to the white core brown paper and watched the Happy Birthday appear, just like magic!
Here is a sweet sympathy card. Just stamping on this one. All SU stamps.

Just used the George cart to cut some flowers in some retro colors and cut a peek a boo window so when the card opens, SURPRISE, the flower is still there!

Wall Decor Cart, I created the scalloped card in the Gypsy.
Pretty simple SU giraffe and a oval cut from George Cart.
I hope you can notice all the pin marks that make this card "quilted".
This is similar to my other wedding card with a twist of red. Made with the Wedding Cart and a Sizzix embossing folder. We can't forget the MS edge punch too!

Ready Set BLOW!

This cute card was made for Morgan, yes, I will claim her as one of my granddaughters. I seem to be lacking in grand daughters so so happy to have one more. Morgan's parents live in our south side apartment and we are just best friends. As Morgan was growing up she had her mother's stuffed piglet she loved, until she tossed it out the stroller in the park and it was gone :(. So I thought I would add Piglet on her birthday card so in year gone by it would remind her of her friend she enjoyed during her first year of life. This was made with Sweet Treats cart.

Copying mom

Well, after mom's all white wedding card made the Cricut Chirp (congrats mom!!!), I just had to copy her! Here's my run with it.  Too bad I probably won't get 6000+ viewers like she did! hee hee.