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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Argyle Quilt, Monster Towel, Helicopter Shower and MORE!

I've been nesting with my HUGE burst of 2nd trimester energy! Don't you love that? Nesting for everything in my house EXCEPT MY BABY GIRL! What the?! So, here are a few fun things I've done lately...

1st, I don't have a picture of the finished product, but I'll post more later, let's just say, I have a new living room! (In the 1st picture there's a sneak peek of the new couch, and Scooter's rightful place on his throne and in the picture of Max holding his blankie you can see my new chairs!) 

2nd, my best friend Erin is expecting her 2nd baby, first boy, so I threw her a shower.  She picked her nursery colors as gray, green and white, so a few days before the shower I woke up feeling bad that I hadn't made this cute little boy anything yet, so I whipped up this cute little argyle baby quilt.  It went quick and turned out really cute! 
 A close up on the ric rac and the edging.
 The back turned out really cute.  I machine quilted and binded this one. 
 Next are a few of the shower preperations, I made this really cute invitation with wording to tie in with her husbands profession, which is a helicopter pilot.  So I wanted peanuts or trail mix to go with our shower, just like you get on a plane, so I made these cute boxes on my mom's cricut to put the trail mix in.  
 I also made the most amazing (can I brag about my own food?!) fruit tarts! They were so easy! I used store bought sugar cookie dough and this recipe for the frosting (3 ingredients!) and threw some fruit on top. They were a HIT!
 Now, I've mentioned before that my little love, Maxwell is OBSESSED with his crocheted blanket that my mom made.  She so happened to have an extra skein of yarn, so I made him a little "by-my-side" that's a lot smaller and easier to transport around.  This was my frist attempt at crocheting a blanket and it turned out pretty cute I think.  Max loves it, and that's all that matters right!?

 We've talked about Max being our little monster, he's grown out of his infant towels and LOVES bath time and being wrapped up after, it's so cute, when we put him on the towel he tries to hurry and grap the sides and wrap himself up to get warm.  Usually Jeffrey walks around the house with a little snuggle bath boy after. So, what better to walk (soon Max will be walking!) around the house with than his very own MONSTER TOWEL!? 
 I just bought a towel, and hand towel of the blue and a wash cloth of the green and white and whipped this up last night while we watched our usual shows. Too bad Max is sleeping currently, or I'd have him model it for you!