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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sunday School Cards

Each week I make a card for the students in my Sunday School class. I try to tie it in with the lesson.
I used my new Cri-Kit pens and my gypsy to cut out and draw on the money. Then I cut 1/10th off to show the amount that we pay to the Lord on our increase.
This card was fun as the lesson talked about forgiving others. The lesson had us fold up paper airplanes and then fly them. This would be someone who had no burdens with regards to hurtful feeling of another. Then we put a weight on the wing representing the burden of not repenting and then we flew the airplane and it would just dive to the floor.

The TPLOC stands for "The Pure Love Of Christ" which is Charity.

The Worth Of Souls is Great. Each person had a different set of puzzle pieces. This showed that each of us are unique. At the end of class they were able to put the puzzle together and glue it onto their card.

I love the different faces each shows. This lesson was on attitude and how it can make a difference in our lives.

This little girl is working. It came from "A Child's Year" cartridge. I also made the little boy for the boy in my class.

This lesson was on keeping the Sabbath Day holy. So inside the little envelope is a set of cards - two of each to determine if that activity is something we do on the Sabbath.

Here is a picture of the cards inside.

The Word of Wisdom promises us if we take care of our bodies with good healthy food we will be promised even hidden treasures. I used the card feature in Life's A Beach cartridge.

This card represents the lesson on "Controlling Our Anger". I used the sheriff badge from Old West and cut it out of two colors of medal.

This pump represents a story I told about a man who finds himself stranded in the desert. After much walking in the dry heat, he finds an old ghost town and a water pump. After realizing the pump won't provide water without being primed and because he is so thirsty he is beside himself, knowing he will die. He discovers a note by the pump that says buried in front of the pump is some water to prime the pump with a request to be sure to fill the water bottle up before putting the bottle back for the next person. He looses all confidence in priming the pump and decides to drink the water in the bottle. This only gives him a small about of water. With the pump he would have had an unlimited supply.

This lesson was on Obedience. Each letter has a scripture having to do with Obedience.

This was an illustration of how we can take lots of baby steps to become perfect. This was cut from the Micky Mouse cartridge.

This lesson teaches how we can know for ourselves that Jesus is the Christ, our personal Savior.

This is a priesthood blessing we receive usually around the age of 16 that is helpful in guiding us for the rest of our lives. It is meant for only the one receiving it and can be a great blessing in the recipient's life.

I told a story about some geese migrating and how they each take turns in the front position. Just as members of the church we can help and lift others and be of service.

This is a picture of Thomas S. Monson, our prophet. He is the leader of our church who receives inspiration from God.

We have a symbol in our church of an iron rod. This represents holding on to the word of God. If we hold on to the "rod" we will follow God's commandments and return and live with him again.

We believe in personal revelation. Each of us can pray and read the scriptures and find answers to our questions.

We each have the Holy Ghost to guide us. Jesus was our example at his baptism the "dove" is the symbol of the Holy Ghost that descended upon him. It is a gift we treasure as it helps us throughout our lives as we remain worthy to receive it.
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