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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Cards - Priceless

Here are the two Mother's Day cards I made. The first one was for my mother. She loves orange, green and brown. I learned how to make these flowers from a tutorial at
Be sure to take a look. They were easy and fun to make. There weren't any sizes given on the tutorial. Any size will work. I cut out 5 flowers. The bottom two flowers are cut at 3 inches and the top three are at 1.75, 1.75 and 1 inch. I used flowers from Sweet Treats, A Childs Year, Walk In My Garden and Forever Young. Any flower cuts will work, but use both solid flower and frilly ones. I didn't have Glimmer Mist so I used water. Another tutorial said they used Glimmer Mist and then spray starch. I kept it simple with using water, glaze and MS glitter. Since the flower is thick, I cut the puff envelope from Marriage cart. It has a little cut out and the flower showed through for a really fun presentation.
This one is for my Mother-In-Law. She just had open heart surgery so we celebrated Mother's Day in the hospital. She was so cute... every hospital employee who came into the room she insisted they see her new bathrobe, nightgown and the handmade card. She was so cute!
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