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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Glass Etching

This weekend my mom and I decided to try out some glass etching! we got the idea from the Create Studio Blog lucky for me my mother has every cricut cartridge you can imagine! We started out playing on one of her vases, and I'm sure there will be many more projects to come- this was so easy! and you really don't need a cricut it just makes the cutting out a lot easier if you're doing something with detail. here's a few pictures from start to finish...
we started out with a clean glass area and a pitcher that needed some extra love...
Then we cut out the design my mom wanted on her pitcher on the cricut out of vinyl (you can use contact paper too) Then we put the vinyl on the vase, this picture shows that because the project was a round shape, I had to cut with an exacto knife to make sure all the areas were matching up.Next we used a foam brush to cover the exposed glass area with this cream (which is about 9.00 for the small jar- but guess what you can use it over and over again! and if you find a coupon for 50% off at a craft sore it's not too bad!)
We scraped the cream off and put it back in the jar and this is what it looked like when we took our pitcher to the sink. We washed off all the excess cream and then pulled the vinyl off and look at the final project!
We also did this with the last name "High" on one of my mom's pyrex pans and it turned out great! what a fun wedding present right?


  1. Those are totally Beautiful!!

    I've been wanting to try this. A good friend made a etched glass plate with our name on it for Christmas a few years ago.. So Cool!

  2. Great post!!! Love this idea of adding a personal touch to a plain glass piece. I arrived here via the "Make it and love it" post about glass etching. You posted a comment with this link. I will be following your blog now, ;)
    ~Casey Marie

  3. ditto what Casey Marie said. Great job! I'm very impressed and now very inspired!

  4. Very cool I'm excited to try this. Thanks. Linda

  5. does scraping it off to use again work or is the cream ruined by then?
    also, how long do you leave it on for before washing?
    yours look gorgeous!

  6. I stumbled upon by this cool blogsite talking about etched glass, actually I want to try it just to know if its easy to do it.

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