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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Emily!

Mom made this for me for my birthday two years ago next week! It was inspired from another card she saw online. I just loved it and of course kept it! She did not take a picture of it before she gave it to me, so I thought I would do the honors.

Here are the words to the poem that goes inside.  (I don't know if they wrote them themselves or copied them from somewhere.)

It's easy to find the days breezing by,
when there is so much to do.
Plans to make, dinners to take,
calls and visits, all without a break.
May you always know our love for you,
never have a doubt,
That will keep you happy and loved,
never down and out.

Yes, another year has passed as they
always seem to do,
Such fun and joy you'll have,
with many memories to chew,
May you always know our love for you,
never will you need a clue!
Just remember, we will always be...
right there for you!

Happy Birthday!

I'm discovering how much embossing really makes a card!

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