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Monday, September 22, 2014

Toddler Portable Car Carrier

Have you seen those cute little carriers that have a bunch of slots for crayons and they roll up?  I made one for my sweet girl not too long ago for church, and it got the "wheels" in my head turning, I needed something like that for my son and his cars!

Max is a little (a lot) obsessed with pretty much anything that goes. So we need to have cars with us all the time. I think we've come up with the perfect solution! Here's a tutorial on a little car carrier I made, I hope you enjoy it!

Car fabric: one strip 5.5 x 10.5 and one large piece for backing 16.5x10.5
Black fabric: 4 strips cut at 3.5 x 10.5
polkadot fabric: 1 strip 10.5 x 4
Yellow or white felt for road
Fusible interfacing (or a glue gun)
Heavy interfacing
finished size: 16x10

 Fold car fabric piece (5.5 x 10.5) in half and put the raw edges at the bottom and line up with polkadot fabric.  Set a gauge to make sure you are sewing exactly at 2 inches from the last line sewn. (see image below)  Sew 4 lines from the top of the car fabric to the bottom raw edges.  This will make the car pockets.
 Next sew your black strips to the top and bottom of the car pocket piece. Then sew the right and left sides to the pocket piece as well.
 Iron on some fusible interfacing to your felt and cut into small strips for your road.
 Iron your felt road pieces onto the road.  If you don't have fusible interfacing, you could probably hot glue the felt on as well.

 Next, put your piece of heavy interfacing on the back of the car pocket and road and iron on. This will make the car carrier a bit more sturdy.
Find your outside piece of fabric and fold your car carrier in thirds, check where you want a ribbon and sew the ribbon about 5 inches in place.
Then take your large car fabric and sew right sides together to your road and pocket piece, leaving a hole about 2.5 inches big to turn it right side out. 
After you've turned it right side out, stick someting in there (like a pencil or pen) to make the corners pointy and then fold under that 2.5 inch hole and sew that baby shut. 
Now that it's finished you can load it up with cars, fold it in thirds and roll it up!
 I cut out my sons name in fabric with fusible interfacing and ironed it on because I made a few of these for friends at church, we didn't want the getting mixed up!
 Pefect size for a purse, diaper bag, or your church bag! No more searching the bottom of the bag for box cars!

Hopefully this will make your toddler as happy as it's made mine.  He loves to put the cars in their parking spots, take them for a spin and then park them again. It's so fun seeing the imaginary play going on! These pictures were taken while we were on an airplane... as you can see, it works awesome for sitting in tight confined spaces!

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  1. awesome....great idea to keep the little kiddos busy....