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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sock Monkey Tutorial

Hello friends!  I've invited a sweet friend here to share with us a special project she has been working on all year.  This is Layna!
She is going to teach us how to make some darling sock monkeys!

Hi! I'm Layna, and I am doing a year long school project on learning how to sew sock monkeys! I am planning on donating all of the sock monkeys I make to children in need or at the hospital.

Turn the socks wrong-side out and iron them. One sock, iron with the heel facing up.

Draw the lines for the body parts of the sock monkey with a marker on the socks.

Next, sew seams using the marker guides. Sew your seams on either side of the marker line, about  1/8 inch. Your marker lines will end up to be your cutting line.

Cut out the body parts of the monkey following the marker lines.

With the sock that has the heel facing up, sew almost to the heel. Then when you cut it out, cut a ¼ of an inch beyond the seam. This will give you a hole to be able to turn the body right-side out.
Next, stuff the body with Poly-fil batting. You can fill it to be your desired firmness. Slip-stitch the opening of the body shut using the ladder stitch. 

Tie off the arms with sturdy thread or yarn. (I used Cro
Sheen cotton yarn) Sew them onto the body.

Tie off the ears, and fold over the bottom two corners to make the ear canal. Then attach them to the body.

Slip-stitch the tail on.
 Use white felt and embroidery floss for the eyes. Sew on the buttons, and sew the eyes onto the monkey.

Sew the embroidery floss onto the monkey’s mouth, and attach the mouth just underneath the eyes. Leave a gap, and stuff the mouth. Then slip-stitch the mouth onto the body. Overlap the mouth on the felt for the eyes by a 1/4 of an inch.  
 Your sock monkey is done!

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