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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Christmas DYI

I made a few things during Christmas this year, many of which I was wishing I had finished in July but you never really think about Christmas in July!
The first and most time consuming was my tree skirt.  I started with a big round circle of fabric.  Then I bought 115" wide fabric and I cut it into 8 inch wide strips, sewed them all together to make one HUGE long strip, then I folded the fabric in half and put my ruffle foot to good use! It flew together pretty easy after that, I pinned each layer on, sewed it onto the skirt and praised my ruffle foot all the while! I can't imagine how much time that thing saved me! 
  Here's the finished product!

  Our neighborhood treats this year were put together in these cute bags from pick your plum. I designed the tag and tied them together. Turned out cute I think! Oh, and the treat... my great grandmothers toffee recipe.  It's soooooooo good! 
I made Maxwell his own tree to decorate after learning quickly that my little elf couldn't keep from playing with the decorations on our big tree.  This didn't totally solve my problems, but it helped! I actually didn't plan on putting the ornaments on the pom pom balls, that was all Max's thinking! I was going to make cute felt ornaments to go on the felt tree, but his creativity saved me a step! I just pulled out all the cheap plastic ornaments and he had a blast! (I attached it to the wall with command velcro strips!) 

I made this wreath for my front door, again, another wreath for my ugly wreath collection! 
 My quilted stockings. I never took a picture of the finished product! Lame! So these are kind of a sore spot for me. I have spent HOURS making these things, and when they were all finished, they turned out a bit too small.  I am going to have to re-make them and I am dreadig it! They turned out cute still, but what a sad ending! 


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