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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sunday School Cards

I teach the 12 and 12 year old's in Sunday School. Each week after the lesson is over I give them a card that has all the points of interest we talked about, some scriptures and quotes. Here are some of the cards I have made for them.
This lesson was on the 3 kingdoms of Glory. The Sun is the Celestial Kingdom, the Moon is the Terrestrial and the Stars are the Telestial. 1 Corinthians 15:40-42
Here is an illustration of how the spirit leaves the body after death.
This lesson was on Adversity. It teaches that it is not always bad, often there is a silver lining that comes from our trials. Isn't that the reason we are here on earth?
This lesson was what we need to do to prepare to meet God.
Isn't is great that families can be together forever?

This lesson was on loving our brothers and sisters - inside it says "Best Friends". It was given around Christmas time so the tree cutting by a brother and sister was a great cut for this card. It was from A Child's Year cart.
This card represents the goal to be married in the temple for all eternity, not just until death. I used Stretch Your Imagination cart.
This lesson was about home.
A commandment, Honor thy Father and Thy Mother .

This was a book that explained all about the Plan of Salvation.

This was a lesson being Clean. There was a great story told about the snapping turtle that didn't like to be caught, but with a board with bent nails the turtles would catch their fins on the board and would not be able to get away. We talked about how Satan is like the board ready to catch us if we let him.

Family History - I used the new cuddlebug embossing frame and computer generated the words. The tree is from Heritage cart.
This lesson was on Adam and Eve... could you guess! It is the apple from preserves. I used my scallop SU punch to take a bite out of the apple!

This lesson was on Agency. I wanted to show black/white /gray so they would understand their ability to make their own choices. It was all generated in the Gypsy.

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  1. These cards are over-the-top amazing!! What detail and creativity. I'm glad that you're keeping one of each on file.