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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Anniversary Box

My husband and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniverary on June 28th. He is so wonderful to me, always bringing me flowers throughout the year and surprise presents, I have to laugh because he rarely gives me gifts on the day of an event. But that is ok with me because I would rather him do it randomly and surprise me than feel he has to give me a gift because it is traditional. So I thought instead of a tie or shirt or something basicly meaningless, I cut a box from Tag, Bags and Boxes from clear thick plastic. It cut really easy. I embossed the top with the heart folder. I wrapped it in yellow because that is his favorite color! I made a tag from Tie the Knot cart. I made the circle "Reasons I love You" with my computer. I easily came up with 36 reasons I love my husband and curled them around a pencil so they would fluff up a bit in the box. He had a great time reading all the reasons. Then he said, "Only 36?" and I said, "Well, next year I might be able to come up with 37!" We had a great time and he said one of the best gifts I have given.

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