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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Birthday Cards

January and February are busy birthday months. Here are some cards I made for my two sons.
I have to sneak our Son-in-Laws birthday card in first. His birthday was last April, but my daughter just sent me the pictures. He is majoring in computer science and always has his head in the computer, so this was just a fun way to encourage him to enjoy life, but I know he enjoys life with his head in the computer too. The little hamick was a great place to tuck some cash!

This is my January son's birthday card. He opened it up and said he didn't like it... Well, you can't please them all. I think the 30 candles were too much for him. Reality is setting in...
This is my oldest son's birthday card. He and my husband are born on the same day, Feb 8th 30 year and 12 hours apart! He loves to have fun so I thought this would be fun for him.


  1. You are so creative - Those are way cute cards.

  2. Louise, thanks so much again for letting me come with Jenny and Carlie and everyone to the craft night at your house! I posted a picture of the frame I completed on my blog, I love how it turned out, THANK YOU!! Emily