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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Advent Calendar

My eye caught some fun Advent Calendars last year and I've been itching all year to do this.  I was happy with the way it turned out. I am alwasy looking for teaching ideas with my kids and this was wonderful way to create great family time and add some of the true Christmas spirit into the season.

I cut the bag out in SCAL.  Here's the link to the file. The nice thing about this bag is that there is no glue involved.  When the Christmas season is over, I can just unfold the bags and they will store flat! With as much work as I put into them, this was a big plus for me.

All the numbers come from the Celebrations cart. I actually Mod Podged each one to sturdy them a bit and give them a nice finish. The paper is from a holiday paper pack from Hobby Lobby.

In each bag is a little red piece of paper.   Every other day, there is also a little green piece of paper.  The red papers tells the activity for the day. The green ones tell which part of the Christmas story we will learn about that day.  Some of the green papers coincide with the red ones.  I was particular about which activities landed on certain days since I don't always have a hubby in the evenings.  A lot of the activities we do when my oldest boy gets home from school. 

I swipped some of my ideas from other websites online.  Then others came from our own family traditions, or things I have been wanting to do. 

The kids have loved doing this advent calendar!  Even my husband gets excited about what each activity is going to be.  I am so glad I made it!

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  1. this is so wonderful! totally making a calendar next need to get on my case to start making it in July though! :)